I like what you do see me as (?) (30 Jul – 1 Aug)

I like what you do see me as (?)

Gwenan Davies
30 July – 01 August 2011 13:00-19:00

Based on research of reviews, adaptations and viewing of the documentary film Grey Gardens, I like what you do see me as (?) is an exploration of the themes and of viewers’ interaction with the film.

Grey Gardens is a documentary film from 1975, depicting the lives of mother and daughter, both named Edith Beale, living their days in a decrepit mansion in East Hampton, New York.

The film is a portrait of the intimate and claustrophobic relationship of these two women, having locked themselves away for over twenty years. The documentary’s style is an attempt at an objective, true representation. It has been added to the United States Film Register for preservation, adapted to a Broadway musical and television movie. However it has also faced much criticism for being exploitative and unfair to these potentially vulnerable characters.

Through different works, Davies explores these aspects of the film and its legacy, aiming to promote questioning of the filmmaking techniques, and the film’s atmosphere and themes.

The work will form part of Davies’ MRes Creative Practices final project and its aim is to create an area for discussion and interaction for artworks based on Grey Gardens.

Event at 6pm on Friday, 30 July 2011.



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