Sine Lee (13-18 Sep)

poster for studio41Fragments of Built Environments: Regeneration and Creation
An exhibition by Sinae Lee
Curated by Hae Byn Yoon
1-6pm, 13-18 Sep 2013

Sinae Lee surveys a landscape of man-made ruins, enlivened by uncertain potential of interactivity and fluidity through utilizing materials and mediums that hold industrial symbolism such as metal, plastic or other raw materials that were fragmented and individually layered, representing forms of built environments or otherwise modern architecture.

The artist communicates life and death in/of the metropolis as a living organism in itself like that underlined in Jacobs, 1993 – The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Her ideas initiated as a reaction from an article by Ned Hepburn, 2012 ‘Dead Malls’, since then questioning values of dreariness and bleakness that comes from desertion of once hectic and vibrant spaces.

The exhibition illustrates creation, prosperity, deterioration, lapse and regeneration – a cycle of humanity, nature and all that has been created in between. Ruling out perspectives of disparity into neither defining this cycle ‘regression’ nor ‘progression’ however, circumscribing what is merely a cycle upon looking at it from a greater time scale. Perhaps this is best portrayed in Sinae Lee’s series ‘Fragments I, II, III’, mixed media, 2013.

Hae Byn Yoon


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