Seeing is Not Enough (22-27 Aug)


Seeing is Not Enough
Rachel Frances Sharpe and Rosalind Blake
22-27 August 2013
Opening: 6pm, 22 August
Screening: 7pm, 25 August

Seeing is Not Enough is a collaborative exhibition by Glasgow based visual artists Rachel Frances Sharpe and Rosalind Blake, featuring new work inspired by cult Sci-Fi show The X Files. The X Files affected the psychology of a generation, reminding us that science cannot account for all of our experiences; questioning the very nature of
rationality and belief, challenging pre-supposed explanations, and asking us… What is knowledge?

Rachel creates paranoid environments exploring manifestations of the paranormal within technology. Rosalind’s work centres on the breach of the visceral form through the threat of the uncanny.

Seeing is Not Enough invites you to participate as a member of the collective unconscious.

N.B. We can neither quantify nor substantiate its success without
further clinical evidence.


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