Democrata I

studio 41 is calling for proposals for an exciting new curatorial venture which will open up the chance for three select artists/curators/collectives to use the space.

All submissions will be exhibited in a studio 41 group show titled Democrata I (28-30 May 2012) as part of an investigation into a curatorial democracy. These proposals will be displayed using only the titles, descriptions and images submitted.

During Democrata I, visitors will have the option of putting down their name to be part of a selection body, and choose a proposal they would like to see take place at studio 41. The three proposals with the most votes from the selection body will be presented across three consecutive weeks at studio 41 from 17 September to 7 October 2012.

studio 41 is a not-for-profit space for contemporary curating and art. In addition to programmes that we develop and run, we support art and curatorial projects by hiring out the space at a rate that keeps the space running. Democrata I is a new studio 41 initiative to offer the gallery new project possibilities through an open selection process. All submissions shall be exhibited. Please click here for the layout and dimensions of the galleries.

studio 41 will provide free use of the galleries, publicity and host a preview/event for each of the three projects that will be presented. Costs for production, installation and de-installation will be the responsibility of applicants. Applicants should also ensure that at least one party has insurance for public liability of works.

Proposals, based on the application form are to be received by 5pm on Friday, 4 May 2012, together with an administrative fee of £10. Only printed proposal submissions will be exhibited.

Please email us at if you have any questions. Application forms can be downloaded here: Democrata I_Call for proposals.FINAL.


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