On Tenterhooks (1-7 Mar)

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On Tenterhooks
Hae Byn Yoon and Priscilia Kheng

1-7 March 2013
11am – 7pm

In this exhibition, the two artists intend to portray in their art pieces the idea of belief. Their new works, though different in genre, collectively represent this comfort and tension – as the portrayal of this theme is nuanced by the personal interpretation of each of us. The projection of personal belief, alongside our daily experiences, brings about a flux in our perspectives and views of life.
The questioning of one’s identity as to the portrayal of amulets in their daily routine and the psychological process of such is explored through a diverse level of layering and repetition. Hae Byn Yoon’s work addresses the concerns about aesthetic beliefs in relation to superstition and displacement.

Priscilia’s piece questions the role of a child in the family drama and is about being an individual and the experience of it. Her work embraces public participation in the displacement of the plastic toy animals. By suspending our disbelief, we sometimes open ourselves up to greater familiarity. From the interior of the tent, the narratives embedded in both our subconscious and consciousness seem to alter and fade.


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