project 41 (2011)

studio 41 aims to develop resources and facilitate discussion on contemporary curating, and support the presentation of curatorial projects. In 2011, we initiated project 41, that involved a call for collaborators to come together, to find out what would be the interests and needs for a self-organised curatorial training programme.

The practice of curating has expanded the research and practical opportunities for creative practitioners. However, there seems to be limited resources towards discussion and development of curating as a practice in Scotland. project 41 was aimed at responding to this situation.

In January, we opened a call for collaborators to develop project 41 through three workshops. Applications were evaluated by Blair Cunningham (contemporary artist and lecturer in 20th century art history) and Marianne Greated (artist and lecturer at Glasgow School of Art).

The project 41 collaborators are

Materials from workshops which can be downloaded:

Documentation of the process, including the responses from collaborators and the outcome of project 41 can be downloaded: project 41_collaborative platform on curatorial practice

project 41 led eventually to GLUED, a laboratory to venture beyond identified roles as “artist”, “curator”, “writer” and “audience” and experiment with different mediums. Alistair Quietsch has a book from his experience participating in GLUED. Please download the book here: GLUED book


The following resources are suggested by studio 41 and project 41 collaborators.

Websites on curatorial practice:

Website of Iain Irving, researcher of independent curatorial practices. His website includes a mapping of the current situation of curatorial practice in Scotland, opportunities, as well as a reading list:

Alexandra Ross’ website, Continous Curatorial Conversations, a project that focuses on the process of dialogue when it is applied to curatorial practice:

Michelle Kasprzak’s views on contemporary art curating. Website includes news and opportunities:

Articles related to curating:

The Office As Studio, A conversation between Oren Pinhassi to Doron Rabina (2009), Translated by Noam Arie Darom. Click here to download PDF.

Paul O’Neill on the centrality of discourse to contemporary curating:

Susannah Thompson’s article on the critical state of Glasgow’s artist-led scene. Though not about curating, the article provides some context on practice in Glasgow:

Programmes and conferences on curatorial practice:

Banff International Curatorial Institute Symposium: Art Curators Unprofessional?:

Review of the conference:

Cultures of the Curatorial, postgraduate programme at Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig:

Some laughs while you are at it:

A surprise intervention:

Rather amusing article looking at the terminology of ‘curator’:

Last updated: 6 Dec 2011


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