DEMOCRATA I (21 Sep – 7 Oct)

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studio 41 presents projects selected by its visitors.

If a door is a door.
A travel through the body, as manifestation of us,
of inner fears and feelings, of all hidden thoughts and actions.
The body is a mirror which shows us a space connected with all the other spaces.
It is not an utopia, it is a real “place”.
It is a dream, hell, God.
It is a door.
What for?
To know ourselves by foreseeing an unexpected detail, or rather for disregarding us and what we think is right or wrong.
The body, a bloodlust tank, until up the crave gets slaked.
Just a trip going back and forth with irony.

Opening: 7pm, Friday, 21 September 2012
Performances: 8pm, Friday, 21 September & Saturday 22 September 2012

by Niels Bugge and Rosie O’Grady

You wonder: ‘What happened to all the moles?’

Reward your curiosity in this refined horticultural experience. Imagine a pest free Eden, purged of slugs, squirrels and other rodents – a pristine garden living! Enjoy this sanctuary, blossoming with the scent of adventure. Cruise to secret corners of the world within the comfort of the green cube. Indulge your inner explorer, and venture beyond the privet hedge…

Opening: 6-9 pm, Wednesday, 26 September 2012
Dates: Thursday, 27 September – Saturday, 29 September 2012
Times: 10am – 7pm

by teflonesque

The piece BABEL by the artist collaborative teflonesque is a week-long material laboratory exploring the conditions of radical production. The space will be animated by ongoing work of construction by the two artists who will recourse into the material wilderness in search of organic exaltation through form. We will transform both the space architecture and the haptic substance of ‘stuff’ into performative sub-plots that by rubbing against each other can be made to conjure up imaginary structures, cities, habitations for visceral thought and pleasure. We want to open up the space for the cheerfully messy negotiation between different aesthetic practices and the discovery through material hunt. The project will culminate in a day-long event, where the material laboratory will be put to test as a landscape for artists play. The process of production is open and shared with the audience, who is invited throughout the project to participate in the organic progress of construction by interactive work, observation, conversation and fragrant cups of tea.

Open hours: 2 – 5pm on Tues (2 Oct), Wed (3 Oct) and Fri (5 Oct)

Closing event: 2 – 7.30pm, Sat (6 Oct)


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