U Must Be Funking Joking! (18-21 May)

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U Must Be Funking Joking!
Zhang Liang (Ray) and Wang Ning
11:00 – 6:00pm, 18 – 21 May, 2013
Opening night: 6:00pm, Friday, 17 May

U Must Be Funking Joking! presents new work by Zhang Liang (Ray) and Wang
Ning that centres on the fun things. The two artists collaborate through color,
form and material. Intrigued by a range of mediums, the love of popular culture
and their personal views on political and social issues, this is a showcase that
combines gritty urban ideas and philosophical experiments in print.

Ray graduates from the Glasgow School of Art with an MDes in Illustration in
2013. His hip hop-inspired pieces are not just about money, cars and girls, it is a
reflection and a representation of hip hop culture through the exploration of how
hip hop itself has grown to encompass far more than just music. It is a lexicon of
hip hop culture investigating this musical movement’s journey over the past four
decades from the black civil rights movement to ‘bling’ culture.

Ning is a current student at the MDes Fashion and Textiles course at the Glasgow School of Art. Using surrealism as an inspiration and particularly interested in dreams and unconscious imagination, Ning explores the boundary between dark and beautiful subjects to create surreal drawings printed on silk. Her work is expressed through a style that combines different elements such as pattern, color, and material. Ning presents her dream world through hand drawings infused with digital print on textiles to create a unique effect.

Zhang Liang (Ray)’s website: http://www.zhangliangray.com
Zhang Liang (Ray)’s email: zhangyixian221323hotmail.com
Wang Ning’s email: gciq7@hotmail.com


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