White Matter (23-30 May)


White Matter
23 – 30 May 2013
11am – 6pm

7pm, 23 May 2013

« The Meek
And violent equally are norms
And we
Are less than our mythology. »
-C.H Sisson, “The Discarnation”

“White Matter” is the first solo exhibition of Camilla Lausas, regrouping pieces issued from her photographic series Static Echo (2012), Wishes Under Pressure (2012-2013) & Ominous (2013), and writings from the period 2011-2013.

This exhibition reveals a third world with a personal mythology inbetween reality and an inner mindscape, which is timeless and borderless, and where the importance of nature can’t be denied.

Camilla Lausas has a multicultural background, as she grew up between Finland and France. She graduated from the Academy of Fine-Arts of Marseille in June 2012, after which she moved to Glasgow where she currently lives.




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