“See what the mirror sees without you standing in the way” (14 – 16 May)

A collaborative exhibition by Anna Sundt and Tess Vaughan.

studio 41 is pleased to announce the first show by Glasgow-based artists Anna Sundt and Tess Vaughan. Presenting work through a variety of media including print, audio-visual, painting and performance this exhibition creates a space for the contemplation of the human journey into spaces unknown.

The exhibition takes its title from a specially commissioned poem by Martin Vaughan. The artists draw on the relationship between the simplicity of play – one way in which we develop as individuals – and the sophistication of science where we develop our potential to learn more about ourselves.

Using the creative momentum of poetry, many of the titles are inspired by the works of Octavio Paz. For Paz, inspiration was not a static entity, but a forward thrust, an aspiration, the act of “going beyond ourselves to encounter ourselves”. He defined the artistic experience as “an opening up of a wellspring of being: an instant and never, an instant and forever”.

About the Artists

Anna Sundt combines concepts from the disciplines of occupational psychology, quantum physics and the scientific exploration of space through the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Her work reflects an individual’s quest for happiness and the moment at which self-actualisation emerges.

Tess Vaughan responds to found objects and considers their association with the social environment. Using the childhood custom of making paper planes she reflects on how the simple act of play engages people with life and, far from being only for children, it is the embodiment of living in the moment.

Preview:  6-8pm, Friday 13 May
Dates: Sat, 14 May – Tues, 17 May
Opening hours:  12 – 5pm


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