100 HOURS (17-23 Apr)

100 Hours


We will create a body of work within a confined environment over a continuous period of 100 hours. There will be a number of predefined constraints that we must abide by, but no work should be pre-empted or designed. At the end of the 100 hours, the work will be displayed within the confined environment in the form of an exhibition. Constraints will be as follows:
100 consecutive minutes to collect materials
100 consecutive hours creating a body of work
100 seconds of freedom a day
100 photos for documentation: every hour on the hour

A number of elected constraints will be in place

Nothing else is pre-empted or pre-planned

No work created outside confinement will be displayed

The performative act of making will be as much part of the work as the outcomes created, and will therefore be viewable by the public.

studio 41 will be open to the public from midday on Wednesday 17th April for 100 hours. Day and night. (until Sunday 21st at 5pm)

Exhibition preview – Monday 22nd April 6-8pm


Also open- Tuesday 23rd April 12-6

Contributing artists

Elena Mary Harris

Joanne Dawson

MollyMae Whawell

Stella Stewart

Funded by the SRC – The Art School



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