Lauren McGhee and Silja Strøm (16-18 Nov)

100 paintings

An exhibition by Lauren McGhee and Silja Strøm
12-6pm, Saturday 16 November – Monday 18 November 2013
Opening: 7-10pm, Friday 15 November 2013

100 PAINTINGS is a collaborative, process based painting project by Lauren McGhee and Silja Strøm. It consists of one hundred six by four inch oil paintings in an attempt to form a haptic understanding of the narrative functions which objects are forced to perform.

The paintings eschew any representational function and have been produced only on the basis of achieving a satisfying resolution of the non-image through mark making and the combination of colour. This is achieved through the interpellation of the aesthetic judgement of each individual. In forfeiting the claim to ultimate authorship, the artists hope that the painting will be seen to exceed the limits of either artist’s aesthetic satisfaction. The work acts as a meditation on notions of originality and unique artistic agency. The artworks are combative, and therefore perhaps not fully satisfying.

In the process of collaboratively completing these paintings, both artists have recorded their thoughts and drives in relation to the production of the works: moods, worries, transgressions, distractions, and asides. This record takes the form of an online editable Word document, which is presented alongside the works.

Displayed as as series which is ostensibly lacking in content, the paintings are installed as a sequence of works without meaning. In an attempt to draw upon the significance of how paintings are made to speak, the artists present evidence of how our attentions can be fundamentally distracted, and how claims to the “truth” surrounding an object are entirely arbitrary. Initiating discussions about how artistic labour can be evidenced, 100 Paintings will also seek to undermine the conception of the mythical transcendental possibilities of painting, firmly grounding it as a cumulative endeavour not removed from the banal realities of the psyche.


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