Sogol Mabadi (16-26 Jan)


Sogol Mabadi
Endeavour no.6: the Green; the Bows; and the Binding
studio 41, Glasgow
16-26 January 2013, Wed, Fri, Sat 12am-3pm, Thurs 4-7pm (continuous performances during these times)

Endeavour no.6: the Green; the Bows; and the Binding is a new solo exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Sogol Mabadi. In January 2013 Mabadi will inhabit studio 41 in an attempt to demarcate it as her own territory. It will provide a silent space, generous and changeable in nature, to which others will be invited to participate in one-to-one performances. By employing touch and physical closeness she will set up very specific modes of interaction: some subtle, some more demanding, others open ended. For the viewer this direct interaction with the artist in her landscape will inevitably alter the power relationship. For Mabadi it is an attempt to ascertain the extent to which we are able and willing to enter an other’s unfamiliar physical, psychic and emotional presence. It involves risk of rejection, labour and perseverance. In order to help put her ‘co-creator’ at ease, they will be surrounded by a collection of human scale placeholders. The mere presence of these objects may or may not make intimacy less daunting. Nevertheless, with their company, Mabadi aims to create a new and different space in which she and the audience member collaborate to explore ways of being in relation to an other.

Mabadi´s ongoing performative practice relies entirely on this active participation of the audience member. Her work addresses issues of disquieting closeness and anticipated partings. These physical interactions then become groundwork for initiating new collaborations – some of these may be staged, where others become wedged in the cracks where art and life blur. She invites you to participate in what will be unspoken interactions.

Sogol Mabadi (b.1985 Tehran) gained her BA(hons) from The Glasgow School of Art in 2010. She received the Bram Stoker award for best imaginative work for GSA degree show 2010 and was subsequently given the accolade of the front cover of AN-magazine’s July/August issue the same year. She has performed at and made work for: ‘Ok-yuh-pahy’ Glasgow International Ext. Programme-Pipe Factory, Glasgow (2012) ‘Arches Live’-The Arches, Glasgow(2011); ‘State of Play-1min Manifestos’- National Galleries Edinburgh (2011);’ The Mutual Assembly’- Ironbratz Studios, Glasgow (2010); ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’- Lansdowne Church, Glasgow (2010). ‘Endeavour no.6’, independently organised but hosted at Studio 41, will be her first solo show. She will also participate in the Annual SSA exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in March 2013. She lives and works in Glasgow.


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