Ouroboros (15 Nov – 18 Dec)

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Ouroboros is the snake that eats its own tail.

It is also a guest-curated programme by Andrew Black and Nick Thomas, of exhibitions, seminars, discussion groups, performances and screenings throughout November and December, based at studio 41.

Open and active involvement in all aspects of the programme is the primary aim. With any luck, a tentative platform for critiquing and re-assessing the mechanics of experience and participation in art will emerge.

The project will centre around this blog:
–PROGRAMME–Time it was, and what a time it was, it was a time
An exhibition by Joanna Monks and Collette Rayner
15-17 Nov (12-5pm), opening 14th (7pm)
Reading/discussion group looking at Fluxus instructional texts, 15th Nov (7pm)
Screening of Lars Von Trier and Jorgen Leth’s The 5 Obstructions, 16th Nov (7pm) Hot Air
An exhibition of drawing and spoken word curated by Alex Millar and Bradley Davies
22nd-24th Nov (12-5pm), opening and performances 21st Nov (6pm)
Screening + discussion of Esteban Sapir’s La Antena, 22nd NovParlay, Parlay
An exhibition by Emily Rimmer and Joe Venning
29th Nov-1st Dec (12-5pm), opening 28th Nov (6pm)
Reading/discussion group 29th Nov

We Need To Talk About Horror II
A performative seminar by London-based collective SALT
4 Dec (5pm)
Film screening in collaboration with Big Screen, 4 Dec (6pm)
Discussion group

An exhibition by Sean Kaye and Jenny West
11th-14th Dec (12-5pm), opening 10th Dec (6pm)
Artist talk in Barnes Lecture Theatre, 11th Dec (5pm)
Discussion group, 13 Dec


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