Logan Hardware


Logan Hardware

An exhibition by Kim Walker
Preview: 7-9pm Tuesday 17th December
Open: 12-5pm 18-24th December

Logan Hardware takes inspiration from a Chicago-based video games arcade and museum. Logan Hardware will feature impromptu, collaborative digital artworks inspired by play, games, chance and the writings by Allan Kaprow and Rodger Callios.


Let Me Stay – Penny Anderson


Let Me Stay
An Exhibition by Penny Anderson
22 November – 25 November
Opening: 6pm, Thursday 21 November

Are you safe? Are you sure? Are you secure? Do you have a home? How long can you stay? Can you pay the rent? Where will you go? Are you worried?

Are you safe?

Are you safe?

Penny Anderson uses assemblages, found objects, hand sewn text and sound to explore home and insecurity. Penny Anderson is an artist, writer and blogger based in Glasgow.

See more of her work here http://www.flickr.com/photos/69780091@N08/http://www.flickr.com/photos/69780091@N08/

Lauren McGhee and Silja Strøm


An exhibition by Lauren McGhee and Silja Strøm
12-6pm, Saturday 16 November – Monday 18 November 2013
Opening: 7-10pm, Friday 15 November 2013

100 PAINTINGS is a collaborative, process based painting project by Lauren McGhee and Silja Strøm. It consists of one hundred six by four inch oil paintings in an attempt to form a haptic understanding of the narrative functions which objects are forced to perform.

The paintings eschew any representational function and have been produced only on the basis of achieving a satisfying resolution of the non-image through mark making and the combination of colour. This is achieved through the interpellation of the aesthetic judgement of each individual. In forfeiting the claim to ultimate authorship, the artists hope that the painting will be seen to exceed the limits of either artist’s aesthetic satisfaction. The work acts as a meditation on notions of originality and unique artistic agency. The artworks are combative, and therefore perhaps not fully satisfying.

In the process of collaboratively completing these paintings, both artists have recorded their thoughts and drives in relation to the production of the works: moods, worries, transgressions, distractions, and asides. This record takes the form of an online editable Word document, which is presented alongside the works.

Displayed as as series which is ostensibly lacking in content, the paintings are installed as a sequence of works without meaning. In an attempt to draw upon the significance of how paintings are made to speak, the artists present evidence of how our attentions can be fundamentally distracted, and how claims to the “truth” surrounding an object are entirely arbitrary. Initiating discussions about how artistic labour can be evidenced, 100 Paintings will also seek to undermine the conception of the mythical transcendental possibilities of painting, firmly grounding it as a cumulative endeavour not removed from the banal realities of the psyche.

Elisabeth, going south (Hanna Roloff & Daniela Zahlner)


Elisabeth, going south
An exhibition by Hanna Roloff and Daniela Zahlner
6pm Thursday 7 November 2013

Hanna Roloff (*1985 in Sweden). She lives and studies Visual Art at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway. Daniela Zahlner (*1986 in Austria). She lives and studies Fine Arts and Film in Vienna, Austria. Both Daniela and Hanna are currently on exchange at the Sculpture Department at Glasgow School of Art.

Public Spaces Album Launch

Public spaces
Sunday 3 November 2013
The long awaited album Launch event for ‘KP_LP’ at studio 41, Glasgow.

Come along to buy the album on it’s first day of release, hear samples, drink wine and eat nibbles as well as see a rare performance with Lewis MacDonald and Alistair Quietsch joined by Claire Patterson who played saxophone on the album.

Entry is free




An exhibition by Alistair Gow and Marco Giordano

19 to 21 October, 12pm to 5pm

Preview: Friday 18 October, 7pm to 9pm


Eyelikewhateyesea is a new age word found on the Internet in blogs that are sharing information of all kinds. From its original position on the Internet it has been given a new state as the title for this show.

This exhibition aims to explore the meaning of replica, reproduction and rebloging through different kinds of mediums such as billboards, rocks, posters and prints. Taking images, words and experiences from different places and repositioning them in a new context.

A Deviation In Conditions – Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle-A Deviation In Conditions Poster
A Deviation In Conditions
An Exhibition by Susan Boyle
9-13 Oct 12-5pm
Opening night: Tue 8 Oct 6-8pm

In my work I examine the concept of order and disorder where I look at the ways in which we may seek to regulate the uncertainty and disorder of life through control mechanisms, and the relentless disruptions and disarray that surround us that always prevent ultimate attainment of total control over our lives (and that of others and our environment).

In looking at the disorder of life, I often use photography with images signifying occurrences or incidents we may encounter that can often imperceptibly affect us but could also be significant elements of change in our own lives and those around us. I am interested in the conditions that sometimes start a whole chain of events that can disrupt our planned course of action and ultimately alter both ourselves and our lives in unexpected ways.



Fragments of Built Environments: Regeneration and Creation

poster for studio41

Fragments of Built Environments: Regeneration and Creation
An exhibition by Sinae Lee
Curated by Hae Byn Yoon
1-6pm, 13-18 Sep 2013

Sinae Lee surveys a landscape of man-made ruins, enlivened by uncertain potential of interactivity and fluidity through utilizing materials and mediums that hold industrial symbolism such as metal, plastic or other raw materials that were fragmented and individually layered, representing forms of built environments or otherwise modern architecture.

The artist communicates life and death in/of the metropolis as a living organism in itself like that underlined in Jacobs, 1993 – The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Her ideas initiated as a reaction from an article by Ned Hepburn, 2012 ‘Dead Malls’, since then questioning values of dreariness and bleakness that comes from desertion of once hectic and vibrant spaces.

The exhibition illustrates creation, prosperity, deterioration, lapse and regeneration – a cycle of humanity, nature and all that has been created in between. Ruling out perspectives of disparity into neither defining this cycle ‘regression’ nor ‘progression’ however, circumscribing what is merely a cycle upon looking at it from a greater time scale. Perhaps this is best portrayed in Sinae Lee’s series ‘Fragments I, II, III’, mixed media, 2013.

Hae Byn Yoon