Let Be Be Finale of Seem – Death in 3 Chapters (Rachel Yezbick) (29 Feb)

A series of events presenting works about death and the way it structures life

6-8pm, Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Death in 3 Chapters (Rachel Yezbick)

Death in 3 Chapters looks at the intersections between logic and superstition as seen through the eyes of Scottish gentry circa 1846; situates identity as a focal point of individual, collective, public and private relationships with mortality; and explores the phenomenological experience of being below.

Rachel Yezbick (born in Ann Arbor, Michigan; lives and works in Glasgow) explores connections between anthropology and her art. Yezbick lived and worked as an artist and cultural anthropologist in Detroit from 2009-2011, taught at numerous community colleges, and was recently published in Arab Detroit 9/11.



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