Let Be Be Finale of Seem – Cinemorgue (Shambolica) (11 Jan)

A series of events presenting works on death and the way it structures life

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6-8pm, Wednesday, 11 January 2012
Shambolica presents Cinemorgue: An Exploration of Cinematic Death

An enlightening and humorous exploration of famous deaths in cinematic history both in front and behind the screen, Cinemorgue involves a performance that re-creates famous deaths scenes in film history and examines how “death” in cinema reverberates throughout culture and then bursts through the “fourth wall” into real life.

Shambolica is a multi-media ART collective based in the UK specialising in installations, exhibitions, performance, events, music, film, sonic manipulation, visuals and technical exploration.
All art is creation and all creation is art. Freedom, truth, expression, the possibilities endless. Keep creative, be SHAMBOLICA!



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