All the wrong states (16-17 Apr)

All The Wrong States – A Solo Exhibition by Rasmus Bæk

In this solo exhibition Rasmus Bæk will take over both rooms in the gallery to exhibit a new series of paintings, objects and photographs.

Large scale paintings and floor based objects will occupy the main gallery space – the monochrome nature of which present an expansion or contraction of the formal structures of the white cube that they are shown within. There is a certain formality in the work’s construction that refers both… to minimal abstraction and traditional landscape representation. Holes in the walls are roughly filled while the paintings appear wet and smell like fresh paint, creating a sense of immediacy and instability, indicating that Bæk is not offering the viewer resolute conclusions but creating installations that subsist in a constant state of flux and adjustment.

The back room works both in alliance and in contention with the front room. The viewer experiences a distorted reality as smaller scale work is presented in flickering light whilst a homemade air conditioner works to create a microclimate within the exhibition and simultaneously forms an object in itself. Building a series of immersive environments featuring a diverse range of media, Rasmus Bæk creates an exhibition of unbounded appearances and readings. The process and exploration of potential in the materials used, drives the development of the work to a point, not necessarily to resolution, but where the piece could as easily be built upon or recycled, as it could be deconstructed.

15/04/2011 – 17/04/2011

15/04/2011 | 19:00 – 21:00

Visiting times:
16/04/2011 – 17/04/2011 | 12:00 – 17:00 (or by appointment)

Rasmus Bæk
Phone 0750 389 3451


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