IT IS WHAT IT IS (22-27 Jul)


A photographic exhibition by Sheila Juan Franco
11am – 7pm, 22 – 27 July 2013
Opening: 6pm Monday 22 July 2013 (Poetry by Jim Ferguson)

“I am an artist from Catalonia, born in Barcelona. I began working in photography in 2005. I have worked throughout Europe, and in Cuba, China and the USA. My work has been exhibited in Barcelona and Luxembourg. Using a technique of super-imposed images I highlight cultural contrasts in ways that make the viewer think differently. What fascinates me is merging disparate images to surprise the viewer with a new reality. This sense of enmeshing different cultures and uniting them into something visually new and different, informs both the process and final outcome of my work.

My work in Scotland concentrates on its multicultural aspects, it landscapes, and contrasting urban and rural environments. Starting with few preconceptions, I have tried to capture different Scotlands: these have begun to emerge as both realistic and imagined depictions of Scottish life in the image I have been creating recently. The culmination of this work will be exhibitions in Scotland and Luxembourg European Parliament.”


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