News from studio 41

Dear friends, we would like to update you with some news from studio 41.

Last year, we opened a call for collaborators to participate in project 41, a series of workshops on curatorial practice. The discussions opened the way to develop an exhibition experiment around collaboration, through GLUED that took place in September 2012. The experience at GLUED has been captured by one of the artists, Alistair Quietsch in a book that can be downloaded here.

We have recently set up a new committee, comprising Lin Chau, Magdalen Chua, Sarah Hunter, Alistair Quietsch and Tess Vaughan to look into setting up the structure of studio 41, and to develop and run our programmes.

We are also looking for a treasurer to join us, and would appreciate if you could convey this to anyone you know who might be keen.

This is a voluntary position with a commitment of 2 hours on average per week. The treasurer will be a part of the studio 41 committee. This will be an excellent opportunity to acquire experience in the running of a not-for-profit arts space and participate in discussions on programmes at studio 41. We are looking for an individual, with an interest in contemporary art and experience in book-keeping. Please email expressions of interest to

– prepare monthly reports to the committee on the financial position
– collect money due to studio 41, paying bills on time, and recording the
– maintaining up-to-date records for all financial transactions
– issue receipts for all money received and recording this information
– prepare end-of-year financial report
– support in financial planning and preparation of documents for any grant
applications or reports.

Thank you for being in touch with studio 41 in the past year, and we hope to see you at our upcoming events!


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