Response by Gwenan Davies to warmstruggle

Gwenan Davies has created a piece in response to warmstruggle, and introduces it:

“This writing comes from a misunderstanding of what the show warmstruggle was about (before it opened) and how I had miscommunicated this to the gallery managers. This assumption of what I thought warmstruggle was about or would look like without seeing the work beforehand, based on my own taste and point of view, stayed with me and changed my reading of the exhibition when I finally saw it.

I used my confusion as a starting point to think about this, and the nature of having a response or review, from viewing an exhibition. I decided to use other people’s strong reactions to another existing newspaper review for a different exhibition. This was to see what kind of argument/discussion comes from a variety of people about a show they may or may not have seen. What values, knowledge and expectations do we bring to a work and could this define other people’s reading of it?

None of the words or opinions are mine – screen-names are credited in brackets.”

Please click on the image for a larger view.


One thought on “Response by Gwenan Davies to warmstruggle

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