Uncommon Sense

studio 41 is collaborating with Sarah Hunter, an artist working in social contexts, on Uncommon Sense, a curatorial effort that develops based on artistic approaches that explore notions of the community, and invite expressions of interest from creative practitioners by Friday, 15 July 2011.

This process encompasses two parallel tracks, Uncommon Sense Conversations and Uncommon Sense Exchanges, based on questions about the existence and function of a “common sense” of making meaning and a shared understanding of the world.

Uncommon Sense Conversations is facilitated by Sarah Hunter and brings together a group of older people on a weekly basis where participants can share and express their views on the notion of community.

Uncommon Sense Exchanges (23/24 Jul 2011) brings together creative practitioners to explore different views towards community, through their individual practice.  These sessions are aimed at an informal exchange of ideas and a platform for collaborations.

An exhibition (14-21 Sep 2011) is intended to be developed that documents the ideas that unfold through the process, and presents work from Uncommon Sense Conversations and Uncommon Sense Exchanges.

More information on Uncommon Sense including details on submitting expressions of interest is available for download: Call for participation_Uncommon sense.


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