OperationExhibition// Contemporary Eastern-European photography


The exhibition will explore the contemporary Eastern-European art-scene’s obsession with using visual and ideological elements of its Soviet past: To what extent is this due to the artists’ childhood memories, overlapping with the last years of the Soviet era? Is there something in the essence of these elements? Something that makes them perfect for continuing the heritage of the grand masters of the early 20th century?

Encapsulating surrealist dreams, fairy-tale-scapes and somnambular atmospheres.

By Jenny Judova and Laura Lepp

22 April – Open reception 17:00 onwards
23-26th April – 11:00-19:00
27th April – 11:00-16:00

For appointments to view the show outside of opening hours, please contact
jjudova@yahoo.com or lauralepp@gmail.com

For more information, please visit these links:




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